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Product images resize (zoom)


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I made an import of products into my site from another shop, including each product image. The problem is that each of the images is very small and after the import Prestashop creates thumbnails with size of 700x879 but the photo itself is the same small photo with big white corners around it. Is it possible to resize photos that they would be 700x879 size, but made bigger and resized to this very size?

As example photos looks like this: https://pasteboard.co/GX5fESa.png I need it to be full sized, without white space. Any ideas?

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1 minute ago, DataKick said:

if the source image is small, than there's not much you can do. Although it's theoretically possible to enlarge it, it would look really awful. Unfortunately we still don't have CSI:Miami technology in the real world :) 

Yes, quality wouldn't be good, but I could make the whole image size a little bit smaller. So I guess there is no module or plugin ready for this functionality? :)

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