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Product feature csv import - values='0' and order ignored


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to import products via csv, including the "features" field.
As there are many features to import, I am following the standard pattern {Feature1:Value1:1:0,Feature2:Value2:2:0,.....}

I am having 2 problems:

1) When the value of the feature equals '0', e.g. (Age:0:5:1), this particular feature does not getting imported at all! (the product is imported indeed, but without this feature).
I updated values ='0' with another value, and it worked, So it's really because of the '0'.

2) The order {Feature1:Value1:1:0,Feature2:Value2:2:0,.....} of the features is getting completely ignored. So the features inside a project are listed in a random (?) order after the import.


Any ideas? Are they common issues? Thanks in advance!

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