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Paypal Order Issues - Think Its Core


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Hello Everyone! 

I have been dealing with an issue on a prestashop store and cannot figure out the problem for the life of me. This has been going on for months now!!!

If anyone can lead me in a different direction, I would be so happy... 


I am using a paypal pro checkout module from Presto-Changeo for Paypal Pro. I get the orders fine but then randomly, an order comes in with no details on the products ordered. This seems like an issue with the module developer so I contacted them. They said that it is a PS issue. So I purchased a new Paypal Pro Module from Prestashop store. I thought my problems were fixed, but then, the issue happened again!! Exactly like it does with the original module. 

I put the module back to the original as I like it better. 

I contacted Prestashop store to ask if the theme I purchased maybe had a bug. They told me to change the theme back to the bootstrap original to see if that fixes the issue. THAT DID NOT WORK EITHER! With the default theme, the issue seemed to work until the error randomly happened again. 

I changed the theme back to the one I purchased from Prestashop. 

Any ideas from anyone? It seems like there is an error from Paypal back to my shop on the order, but what kind of things can I check to find where the problem is?? 

Thanks everyone!



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