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Setting up Prestashop so that I can access the HTML code

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Hey everyone,


I've been using Prestashop with 1and1 as the host for about a month now but the way I set it up originally was, rather then download Prestashop, I made my account with 1and1 and used a Prestashop App 1and1 has available.  And so to access the Prestashop dashboard I essentially need to go through 1and1.  But now I'm at the point where I want to be able to access some of the code which I understand you can only do by having Prestashop downloaded to your computer.  So My questions are:


1)  Does anyone now how to access the Prestashop HTML code when the 1and1 Prestashop app is being used.


2)  If it can't be done, then if I download Prestashop and create a new database with 1and1 and basically install Prestashop the normal way, would my sites data (the work I've done on it so far) be erased?  


Thanks for the help.  I'm a bit of a noob so I appreciate any help

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