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How to move 'siret' field to 'Addresses' (checkout)


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I would like to know if is it possible to move a "siret" field from section "Personal (or General) information" to "Addresses" section.

From here:


To here:


This should enable the user to choose the "Invoice" option in the next section:


I found in  /classes/CustomerFormatter.php the code of this field and moved it to  /classes/CustomerAddressFormatter.php, but i couldn't find the logic of saving it and enabling that "Invoice" ("Fattura") radio button.

 $format['siret'] = (new FormField)
                    // Please localize this string with the applicable registration number type in your country. For example : "SIRET" in France and "Código fiscal" in Spain.
                    'Identification number', [], 'Shop.Forms.Labels'

Maybe there is a simpliest way to do this?
Can you help me?
Thank you :)

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