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Bulk Order Change - Send Erronous Shipped Emails


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I am currently having problem with bulk order change as it is sending "Shipped" emails without replacing the variables {followup} and {code_traking}.

It is fine with single status change and email is sent in order. Unfortunately, email triggered for bulk order status but variables are not replaced well.

Here are the codes below:

     elseif (Tools::isSubmit('submitState') && isset($order)) {
        if ($this->tabAccess['edit'] === '1') {
            $order_state = new OrderState(Tools::getValue('id_order_state'));

            if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($order_state)) {
                $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('The new order status is invalid.');
            } else {
                $current_order_state = $order->getCurrentOrderState();
                if ($current_order_state->id != $order_state->id) {
                    // Create new OrderHistory
                    $history = new OrderHistory();
                    $history->id_order = $order->id;
                    $history->id_employee = (int)$this->context->employee->id;

                    $use_existings_payment = false;
                    if (!$order->hasInvoice()) {
                        $use_existings_payment = true;
                    $history->changeIdOrderState((int)$order_state->id, $order, $use_existings_payment);

                    $carrier = new Carrier($order->id_carrier, $order->id_lang);
                    $templateVars = array();
                    $templateVars = array('{followup}' => str_replace('@', $order->shipping_number, $carrier->url),
                                            '{url_traking}' => $carrier->url,
                                            '{shipping_number}' => $order->shipping_number,
                                            '{code_traking}' => $order->shipping_number);

May I know where can I troubleshoot or locate the codes to check on bulk order status change as I am only having with that now.

Thank you.

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