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Feedback on my website


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Congratulation for your new online store using PrestaShop. :)

[1]. I have feedback regarding error message in newsletter subscription disturb the design  .
[2]. "No Brand" message occupy empty space a the bottom. Only message took big empty space. We can skip this.
[3]. When I click connect with it shows popup with facebook permission and error


This page isn’t working

kidshatsandmore.ie is currently unable to handle this request.


Attach screen shots.

PrestaShop Tutorials Videos [How to do Tasks]






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Your newsletter area is not aligned. On submit button it should use ajax instead of plain php.

On top menu a lot of empty space (its good sometimes but not in the menu area)

A lot of empty space in specials carousel. You could add 3-4 products on the same space.

On the footer, you should add a bit of space on the lowest part (top & bottom of credit cards)

Last but not least, it needs performance improvement.

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