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get store country using $this->context


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On 16/11/2017 at 11:28 AM, zohaib82 said:


I want to get store country name which is set at the time of installation and back-office configuration.

I tried below but no success.

echo"<br>Store Country=>".$this->context->country;


Below documentation link


Any Idea?



Try this:

global $cookie;
$LanguageIso = Language::getIsoById( (int)$cookie->id_lang );
echo $LanguageIso;


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Hi bellini13

It is not a question, I mean it shows country from localization default country.This is to share information from where store default country will be shown in variable.

Many thanks Inform-All for code. Do you have any idea about getting unique browser session id using cookies in prestashop.

Below code helps to get unique session id using php default functions.



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