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ContextErrorException in Tools.php line 3780


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Hi all,

i am getting following error when i check out using payment by Bank wire transfer. When i choose other payment method, i didn't get this error. Please some one help me with it. I tried uninstalling bank transfer module and re-install and configured, but still getting that error.

Your help is much appreciated.

1/1ContextErrorException in Tools.php line 3780:Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array

  1. in Tools.php line 3780
  2. at ErrorHandler->handleError('2', 'Cannot use a scalar value as an array', '/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/artbhutan/classes/Tools.php', '3780', array('amount' => '7.105427357601E-15', 'precision' => '2', 'rows' => array('6.93'), 'column' => 'id_tax', 'sort_function' => 'lambda_336', 'unit' => '100', 'int_amount' => '0', 'remainder' => '0', 'amount_to_spread' => '0', 'sign' => '1', 'position' => '0', 'row' => '6.93', 'adjustment_factor' => '0')) in Tools.php line 3780
  3. at ToolsCore::spreadAmount('7.105427357601E-15', '2', array('6.93'), 'id_tax') in AverageTaxOfProductsTaxCalculator.php line 95
  4. at AverageTaxOfProductsTaxCalculator->getTaxesAmount('138.5', '145.43', '2', '2') in Order.php line 1381
  5. at OrderCore->setInvoiceDetails(object(OrderInvoice)) in Order.php line 1265
  6. at OrderCore->setInvoice(true) in OrderHistory.php line 353
  7. at OrderHistoryCore->changeIdOrderState('10', object(Order), true) in PaymentModule.php line 729
  8. at PaymentModuleCore->validateOrder('15', '10', '878.37', 'Bank transfer', null, array('{bankwire_owner}' => 'Dawa Tshering', '{bankwire_details}' => '12345432', '{bankwire_address}' => 'Bank of Bhutan'), '2', false, '6c0e487dd248d67013026530d53523d4') in validation.php line 64
  9. at Ps_WirepaymentValidationModuleFrontController->postProcess() in Controller.php line 194
  10. at ControllerCore->run() in Dispatcher.php line 379
  11. at DispatcherCore->dispatch() in index.php line 28
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Hello every one...


i found that the error i mentioned above has got nothing to do with payment module... the error was due to tax. When i enable a tax under  and set the tax rule.. it throwing that error, but when i disable that... its works perfect.


So,  is it bug in the Prestashop version  or  did any one encounter such situation. Please help me to resolve this issue.


Thank you

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