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Override TPL file from a module


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Hello all, my first post here.
I searched for this a lot on the board but I can't find no helping topics, I hope I didn't miss something.

My question is: is it possible for a module, to override a core TPL file without changing a theme?
I'll explain my need so that is will be much simpler.

I have some "special" downloadable products: locked PDF served directly from an Adobe ACS4 server. I tried to investigate TPL files and I discovered that link composition logic is "hard-coded" in order-detail.tpl, in prestashop theme.
This seems very unconvenient to me, since there is no way for a module to change this behaviour: except if a module could provide ITS OWN version of a core TPL file, or change the behavior of the core to point something else from order-detail.php.

I couldn't think that the only way to change this is making a whole new template: I need parameters from the module I'm building, it is too strange that I cannot hook into this... but there is no doc available.

Many thanks to all of you.

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