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How to handle IN STOCK items with more attributes


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Hello :) 


I have a fashion online store. Normally, we tailor everything within 20 - 30 days after order is placed. Products can be purchased in various sizes, colors etc. 

I like to have IN STOCK CATEGORY, but i dont know how to handle attributes. If my product, lets say dress, can be purchased black, white or blue in sizes XS - XL i will only have it in stock black in size M.

For now, i tried to add product to multiple categories, icluding IN STOCK, but customers will see all atributes on that product, even if they are not available on IN STOCK item. This might be really confusing for them, because they are in IN STOCK category, there are atributtes on product, but only one is really in STOCK and they dont know which one.

Only solution appears to be add product twice with different atributes, but that will be even more confusing - to have two same product on a page.

Is there any way how to handle this situation in default prestashop? Maybe module or anything else?


Thank you for responces and any help :)


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