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Click to change boolean value in list view not update


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Im developing carrier module.in my backoffice i have bool value.

in my field list like below 

public function renderList() {
        $this->bulk_actions = [
            'delete' => [
                'text' => $this->l('Delete selected'),
                'confirm' => $this->l('Delete selected items?')
        $this->fields_list = [

        'availability' => [
                'title' => $this->l('Availability'),
                'width' => 90,
                'active' => 'Availability',
                'type' => 'bool',
                'orderby' => FALSE



in my class i have define it like below

  public $availability=true;


when i click on the `red cross` it's not updating.


Screenshot from 2017-11-01 13-40-09.png

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