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High resolution images are not copy on product duplication


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In prestashop version :

When you duplicate a product from the catalogue, it copy all images and all resized images type, but not the high resolution images (x2).

You have to regenerate ALL images every time.

I found this : http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-9307



This is how it works.
You should regenerate the images to get them displayed in high resolution.

I close the ticket, feel free to open a new one when needed.

Best regards,



"This is how it work "? For me this is not a expected behaviour: In a shop i need all of a afternoon for each product duplication if i have to regenerate all images(thousands of products many images types),  so the easiest and less expensive way a found is to copy images manually by ftp or ssh.

Why is this not possible to copy also HD image if they are created and Configuration::get('PS_HIGHT_DPI') = true?




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