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Have some threads been deleted?



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2 hours ago, catalin.pop said:

Since you've changed the forum look, I saw that the number of posts I have on this forum decreased.  Did you deleted some threads?

A occurred in a general way in the forum to all users.

For example, I used to have 4X.XXX messages on the counter and now I have fewer messages in the counter.

In the moderation zone of the forum, we have also reported the problem.

The problem has come after the forum update.

I think the problem is the "counter of messages" (after update forum) and not messages deleted.

We are waiting, to see what it says
@Antoine F


My english is ver bad

Sorry for my English

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On 1/16/2018 at 8:27 PM, selectshop.at said:

@ Presta Fabrique - Your account was not deleted, also not the content. You will find it here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/profile/245830-presta-fabrique/

Perhaps you forgot your login data ?



After the forum issues, for a while no search was bringing up our old threads, and no reminder email was sent out when we requested a password reset, so we created a new account. Now, it seems that we have two, which is unpleasent for everybody. So a question is raised: can the old account be blended into this new one, or the old one deleted and the content associated with this one?

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