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Add own resources and ObjectModel


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I have a problem to create ObjectModel to my own module. I successfuly created resource and added permission to this but my class is not see from request to Webservice.

When i install module, my override WebserviceRequest class is copy to overide to prestashop directory: override/classes/webservice/WebserviceRequest.php

It's work good. 

But my class to create model: is not copy from /mymodule/classes/CategoryEcommerce.php

Also when I copy by my hand to /classes in Prestashop its working good. 

What i doing bad ? 

Please answer.



class CategoryEcommerce extends ObjectModel {
    public $category_id;
    public $category_core_id;
    public static $definition = array(
        'table' => "category_ecommerce",
        'primary' => 'category_id',
        'fields' => array(
            'category_core_id' => array('type' => self::TYPE_INT),
    protected $webserviceParameters = array();


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