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Forcing custom address? Or provide options for carriers? Delivering to home, branch, parcel station


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I have 4 carriers in my shop and some of them provide different ways of package deliveries such as:
1- Deliver to home address.

2- Ship to a carrier's branch.

3- Ship to a parcel station.


I want to be as flexible as possible to help my customers place orders and to provide different ways for them to receive their orders. This is the most important thing in an online store, making it easy for customers to choose the way they're more comfortable with.


For #1, I want customers to just enter their full home address then the delivery guy delivers it to their home during official work hours.

For #2, I want the customer to be able to choose his regular home address (it won't be used for shipping/delivery, because placing an order without any address is a bad idea) and then they get a list to choose from for the carriers stores/branches that they want the package to be delivered to, then they can go there whenever the branch is open to receive and sign for the package.

For #3, it's similar as #2, they enter a home address as usual then they get a list of a specified parcel stations to choose from (preferably a map so they can see exactly where it is instead of just a text list).


Now obviously Prestashop 1.7 doesn't have such feature by default, and I can't count on customers to do it the right way if I just give them an empty text field so they can type the way they want it to be delivered. I want it to be as easy as possible for me to process orders for best efficiency. I don't want to always force home delivery option because some people don't want that or maybe they live in a remote area where they prefer to go somewhere and get their package instead of waiting for the delivery guy, also some companies don't do their job right and the package gets lost or gets delivered late when choosing home delivery. I want the customer to choose what he wants.


I've looked everywhere in the addons section related to address and shipping, but I couldn't find anything like that unfortunately. Now I would like to ask if anyone knows something about this if a module already exists? I couldn't find any way to provide options when choosing a certain carrier in checkout. Im willing to pay for a custom job like this but I would like it to be a module and not just some custom modifications on the default Prestashop files because that wouldn't be easy when upgrading to new PS versions.

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I thought about adding my mentioned delivery options (deliver to home address - carrier branch - parcel station) by using separate carriers for each option, but there are a couple of problems related to that:

It can't work because then I will have 9 carriers which will make things a little bit messy and a lot of hard work to configure and modify in the future. It could also complicate things more for some customers.

Also I still won't be able to provide options such as forcing the customer to choose where he wants his package to be delivered (in case he chooses the option deliver to a parcel station) he has to choose which one from the a list I provide.


Any help or suggestions as to how I should approach this are very welcome, some people have ideas that I may have not thought of so please share whatever you can think of. Thanks!

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