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How to disabled a product from ps_product


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Dear all,

From the BO when I disable a category the products belonging it remain activated that means the customer can buy them. This is annoying me a lot :(

To solve that, I was trying to disable products with a specific reference from ps_product table like that:


update ps_product set active=0 where reference='PE-001/2';

Such a query works fine and every product with this reference change its active field to 0. I suppose that it means that the product is not available anymore. However, I could not see that change neither in BO nor in FO :(


I suppose that I'm doing something wrong, I mean the active field could not be the only field to modify, but I'm no sure :(


Any help would be very appreciated.


Thanks in advance!




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Thanks for your quick answer ;)

We are using Prestashop 1.6.17 and everything remains equal after deleting both browser cache and smarty cache :( I attach a bit of additional information.

Snapshot of the mysql ps_product table showing the products with same reference and active=0

mysql> select id_product,id_category_default, active from ps_product where reference='PE-001/2';
| id_product | id_category_default | active |
|       4306 |                 379 |      0 |
|       4351 |                 381 |      0 |
|       4404 |                 383 |      0 |
|       4449 |                 385 |      0 |
|       4527 |                 388 |      0 |
|       4551 |                 389 |      0 |
|       4597 |                 391 |      0 |
|       4630 |                 392 |      0 |
8 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Snapshot the BO showing the same products but just one of them is disabled.





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