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Forum hacked?!



It looks like the forum has been hacked! Since several days i get lots of spam messages from the forum:



it must be some kind of hack, as i do only follow some specific topics, and the notifications are about new topics.

these are my notification settings:


this are the Topics/Forums i follow:


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thanks for your answer!


after days with no fix for the problem i decided to unsubscribe from the "PrestaShop news and releases" forum. 


could you please be so kind and let me know when the problem is fixed ?

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thank you for looking into the issue!


maybe not everybody is following the forum "PrestaShop news and releases" so they do not get those notifications?


my observation was:

e.g. on Mon, 30 Oct i got 17 notifications about a new topic in the forum "PrestaShop news and releases", all of them were different and obviously spam.

most of the times when i clicked to view the topic i got an error that the topic does not exist. but sometimes ( i think when i clicked the link immediatly after recieving the notification) i was able to access the topic. some time later the topic again disappeared. 


the topic came from different users, e.g.:

@Shasikatesl or @uihzxuic5 (strange, take a look how many usernames start with "uihz", crazy!) 


if you look at this users i see e.g. "Content Count: 6" but i can see no topics, posts etc. 


as a first step i would recommend to restrict the permissions on the "PrestaShop news and releases" forum so that not everybody is allowed to post topics.

but you will still have to find out what happened to those useraccounts posting that spam topics, looks like there are many fake accounts and/or maybe hacked ones.



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