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Missing feature from previous version of forum




In previous version of this forum there was a feature that I went to my profile I saw list of all topics where I post my message chronologicaly and there was information about who was OP and who replied last, and there was a star or dot on the left which indicated if there was some new posts since my last visit. I really liked this feature because I could check of all the topics in one single menu and it was only showing every topic individually.  

Right now there is my activity feed which shows all of the post that I made in topics which is pretty annoying and it is hard to notice if there was something new in thread.

About list of topics in categories on main forum part - on the right there was info who replied last which was pretty much useful.

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Hello there,
Yes, the "Follow" button is missing (and it wasn't the case when we checked it before doing the upgrade) and it shouldn't be the case. This issue has been reported and will be fixed.

Concerning the activity panel, I don't think that we can customize it. It has been modified with the update, I'm going to take a look at it.


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