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problem with validator

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Thank a lot for your help.

I have almost finished all the transformation of the module and the correction

Unused function parameter $hookName.

 Unused function parameter $configuration.


But if I remove it the module does not install anymore

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You can add them as variables and passed it to return, even if you do not use them later.

Or just leave it like that and point to Addons validation team you will not use them and 

have that warnings.


And to test module after validation fully.

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Hello everyone,
I tried to validate my module but impossible with this :

    public function headerHTML()
        if (Tools::getValue('controller') != 'AdminModules' && Tools::getValue('configure') != $this->name) {

        /* Style & js for fieldset 'slides configuration' */
        $html = '<script type="text/javascript">
            $(function() {
                var $mySlides = $("#slides");
                    opacity: 0.6,
                    cursor: "move",
                    update: function() {
                        var order = $(this).sortable("serialize") + "&action=updateSlidesPosition";
                        $.post("'.$this->context->shop->physical_uri.$this->context->shop->virtual_uri.'modules/'.$this->name.'/ajax_'.$this->name.'.php?secure_key='.$this->secure_key.'", order);
                $mySlides.hover(function() {
                    function() {

        return $html;

I try to play java in a tpl or js, but this is not interpreted 

Thank for your help

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