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Wrong prices in Google Shopping module


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I am using a GoogleShopping module that exports incorrect prices when there is an offer on a product. In this case it is an error when a product has an offer of 50% on the second product. 

Example: product price is  24,95 and when a customer buys a second one, the total discount is 25% (= 50% on the second one). For these products the price in the feed is 18,71 which is  (24,95 x 2 - 50%) / 2.

The module should export 24,95 as the regular price.

The developer is not planning to build this feature into the module, therefore I am looking for someone that can change the way the module exports the prices.

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Thanks@all for your messages. 

I am getting the impression that fixing this problem costs at least as much as what this module costs. Although I think the module should display the correct prices even with discounts like I have in my webshop, I am going to solve this by taking out the discounts and add separate products with double packages with discount included in the "normal" price.

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