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how to insert different shipping cost in carrier module development


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in my controller, i have cost value for shipping.i'm trying to send it to `getOrderShippingCost` function. but my cart showing shipping `free`


$cost_val=120; //this value can be change
        $DeliveryWeekSched=new delivery_scheduler();




  public function getOrderShippingCost($params, $shipping_cost)
            if (Context::getContext()->customer->logged == true)
                $id_address_delivery = Context::getContext()->cart->id_address_delivery;
                $address = new Address($id_address_delivery);
                return 100; // i want to return `$shipping_cost`
            return $shipping_cost;

when return `$shipping_cost` shipping value in cart showing `free`.when `100` return cart shipping value showing `100`.why is that?how to return my value?

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