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Productcommentslist is rendering over 1 second long in profiling


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Hi community,


I am having a little bit of problem, because I found out that productcommentslist is rendering this module is taking over 1 000 ms everytime when page load. I am having lastest version of this module.


hookdisplayProductListReviews ~1500ms.


It is kinda weird because I didn't see any long queries related to this module.


Does anyone have this issue too?



I checked this using setting define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', false); to true in defines.inc.php



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We don't have it in use. But you could try to add some log statements to the module to figure out where the delay comes from. There is a build in logger called this way:

PrestaShopLogger::addLog("MyModule: Debug 1 a time " . time()  , 1, null);

Add some of these statments within the modules code and see where most of the processing time is consumed.

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Oh I didn't know about this feature, I will test it but is it similar to something like this 

$start_time = microtime(TRUE);

// do all my logic etc...

$end_time = microtime(TRUE);

echo 'Script rendered in '.$end_time - $start_time;

but easier to debug? : )

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