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Get CMS category id in category.tpl


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I'm working on the category.tpl file of my theme, and i try to get the ID of the current category to feed a parameter of my hook, which shouldn't be very hard...




but i can't understand through which object/array or function i can get it since $cms and $category are not available.


Any help ? Thanks

{extends file=$layout}
{block name='content'}
  <section id="main">
    {block name='page_header_container'}
      <header class="page-header">
        {block name='page_header'}
    {block name='page_content_container'}
      <section id="content" class="page-content">
        {block name='page_content'}
          {hook h='akblog' id_cat=2}
    {block name='page_footer_container'}
      <footer class="page-footer">
        {block name='page_footer'}
          <!-- Footer content -->
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