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Critical Issue Paypal and Hipay Orders showing Payment error - Oders are well paid

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If the customer is paying using a currency that is not the default currency, the order will be shown as Payment Error.


Payment is well received by PayPal, there is no error at all.


The customer will think there is an error because Prestashop is returning Payment Error in the order state and will start re-ordering again and again...


This will cause 1) Customer unsatisfaction 2) Merchant will have to refund and pay the refund fees for each duplicate orders.


This is not an error that appears sometimes only. It is each time someone is paying using the non default currency.



I am using Prestashop and PayPal native module (this issue is the same with Hipay native module)


Default currency for the country UK is set to GBP - no decimals


Will be good to fix this issue in the next update.


Thank you


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sounds like a defect in Prestashop, since it occurs with multiple payment modules.  I would suggest installing bankwire or check payment module, and do another order to see if the issue also occurs with those modules.


I suspect the issue is that you have disabled decimals on a currency that is expected to have decimals.  Prestashop is likely rounding the amount when sending it to paypal/hipay, which is fine, but then when the order is created in Prestashop it is (defectively) comparing the round amount to the unrounded amount in the database, and that is the cause of the error.

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