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SQL Trigger to add Product to a category based on quantity


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I just wanted to see if anyone is able to help work out a Trigger that will add an item to a specifc category based on quantity?


I have a section on the website that shows all stock that only has 1 left.


I'm fairly new to SQL and i've tried to merge 2 different sql triggers to make it work, but i keep getting errors

UPDATE ps_product, ps_product_shop SET ps_product.id_category_default = '216', ps_product_shop.id_category_default = '216' WHERE id_product IN (SELECT id_product FROM ps_stock_available WHERE quantity=1);

If anyone is able to help, that'll be great.



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It is not only ps_product and ps_product_shop to handle. The most important is also to handle the table ps_category_product.

Furthermore you should consider doing the opposite if necessary => quantity is zero or more than 1.

If desired we can work this out for you as paid job.

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