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add postal code to countries on db and PS


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i need an info about postal code on prestashop.

I would to insert postal codes and link them to every italian city.

I have all italian cities but i don't know how to link them, maybe in the DB, but how?

It is possible to do it on prestashop?


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Everything is possible - it's only a matter of time.


First of all you needed to create a new database table for zip codes and city names and load your data into this new table.

Probably consider how to maintain these table. Zip codes might change from time to time, not very often but still possible.

Then you needed to change your adress controller file in order to read the related table, pre-select cities and decide how to proceed if a city or zip code isn't found.

I haven't investigated in detail but probably some changes son the address class file might be needed as well.

Then you needed to change the template file for address data.


If you haven't prestashop developer skills it might take some time to achive this.

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