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Selling courses - tickets - date, time AND place!


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We need a module which can do the following.


Our customer organizes courses. On different days and in different cities.


Course A

  • date & time 1, city A
  • date & time 2, city A
  • date & time 3, city B
  • date & time 4, city C


Course B

  • date & time 5, city A
  • date & time 6, city D
  • date & time 7, city D
  • date & time 8, city C


Course C

  • Et cetera...


Of course the module should keep track of available seats for each course and distract available seats after each order placed.

Also, when displaying the course (as product), the available date/time combinations including locations should be shown.

Whether in an agenda overview or as selectable options in the product itself.


Also, the attendants of a certain course/time/location should be easy to contact for example with emails for further information, to be sent between order placement and actual course.


It looks a LOT like selling tickets for a concert. Although all modules I have examined, do not show the option to select available date & time AND city per concert/course.


Can anyone hint out to a suitable (paid if necessary) module for 1.7?







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