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Make a "read more.." link from summary to descriptions?


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Hello all, I am working on a new shop in PS1.7.1.2, my first one on this platform, I am very excited to move to Presta from the sinking ship that was Joomla..


My new shop is up and running and I am seeing a couple of sales every day this week and I am now in the process of optimizing and streamlining everything.


I can see in google analytics that my bounce rate is at about 70%, that is way too high, I am not sure if some of this is due to relatively high number of bots and crawlers I have on the page and the relatively low number of actual people visiting the site (my traffic is adwords fueled right now..) but I would like to fight this issue.


Now I know that some of this is related to page speed as I know I can optimize that aspect further, but when I look at what my customers see when they land on my page (no proper landing page at this point, adwords traffic arrives odirectly on product pages) the layout of the productpage concerns me a little.


When a customer arrive at the product page on a laptop they see only some images, the product price and add to cart button and the relatively short text in the summary.  I believe some customers would think "oh thats not a whole lot of info about this product, bye bye" thinking that the summary is all there is and never seeing the whole text in the description I have spent so much time to create..


I would like to put a "read more" button or simply a text hyperlink at the bottom of every product summary, that when pressed scrolls directly to the product tabs or æproduct description text further down the page, how can this be achieved?


Thanks in advance for any help!



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