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Prestashop in IFRAME


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Hi Community,


i am new to Prestashop (and to Wordpress) and i am working roundabout three days with these systems. I solved all problems by my self but this time i cant find a solution...


  • I use wordpress as main cms
  • I use Prestashop as shop (tickets for a larpconvention once a year)
  • Prestashop shows up as an iframepopup


Works fine so far... In the iframe Prestashop works nice. I can use buttons and can even see my passwort.




i cant login. I have the right credentials but when i click on login nothing happens (Works perfect on the orginal side). If u want to have a look: http://fairit.net (german side, pls remember three days of noobdevelopment ;) )


Thank you!


BTW: Shop can be found under Another World Entertainment - TicketShopIframe 

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Normal behavior. This is related to session cookies. Your main page works on another domain than your embedded shop page. Thus, the browser cannot store cookies from the domain where the shop is running. Cookies are always stored domain-dependant. If you would run both systems on one domain, it would work.

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