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I have problem with time of pageload.  Problem appears only on order process pages -  pages with shipping,  payment select and final confirmation. If I have 1-2 products in cart,  it goes fast.  Problem is when I have 10+ products and I will confirm order,  page is reload takes 5-8 minutes between steps. No error  appears.  Prestashop version is

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I quickly tested an order with PS and 20 products in the cart. The order confirmation and all other order related pages come up in less than one second. Okay, our server runs fast but still. No impacts related to the number of products in the cart.


It is likely your problem is related to a theme issue or a module. I would first start to disable all non default modules. If it helps, figure out which is causing the delay. MailChimp btw is a module with hughe issues in terms of delayed page load.

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