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BO timeout


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I'm facing intempestive timeout on my back office.

Everytime I change menus, the URL token changes (I feel it should not?!).


I feel the its a configuration issue in my php.ini/.htaccess or httpd.conf. 


Thanks for your help !


Background : 



Private server (root access)

Admin -> Pref -> cookies BO setup to 72 hours

(even ticking the "Stay logged" doesn't work) 

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Actually it's following a migration. 


I was on 1&1 mutualized server, now i'm on Amazon EC2 instance with a Load balancer in front.


I've made some perf. test and it seems my .htaccess is not taken into account.


I've setup compression, deflate and expires instruction but perf test shows that it's not enable...


I really feel it's related to missing configuration on my apache server. I'm still investigating

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