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Bug in reset password customer


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Hi all,


i'm new in the forum.


I have a website and i finish my migration magento to prestashop.


The migration as finish well for prestashop, but the customer has no access with old password.


The website send a link to the reset session, but the reset session has expired.


but, the customer click on the link


you have an idea for me?


i search in the web but not response :(


i use prestashop


Thank you so much for your help



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I have the same problem. How did you do the migration ?.

I have looked at these links but I have not found a solution:




if you find the solution, please write. I will do the same.


Thanks and best regards.

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I updated my PS from to using an update module from addons. And realised that I couldn't login using my customer account. And of course, I had the same error when resetting the password, the password reset link was expiring instantly. 

I don't know if other cases are the same, but I manually copied the ps_customer database from PS1.6 to PS1.7 because I didn't want to lose some tables.

In PS1.7 I see 2 new tables in ps_customer (reset_password_token and reset_password_validity). I'm guessing that's why the link expires so soon because without this tables it can't set a value. So I manually added these 2 tables from phpmyadmin (structure->Add 1 column(s) after date_upd) with the values:

reset_password_token -> type varchar -> length 40 -> default NULL -> collation utf8_general_ci

reset_password_token -> type datetime -> default NULL

Tried the reset link, works like a charm!

Also, if a customer cannot login after the update to PS17, the solution is to copy from PS 1.6 settings.inc.php the values from 'cookie_key' and 'cookie_iv' and putting them in the new and improved app/config/parameters.php file.

And for the database, update passwd from the old length 32 to the new length 255:

update passwd -> type varchar -> length 255

And when I try to login again to my customer account it worked with the old password, I didn't need to reset the password anymore.

Hope it helps.

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For me, the solution was this:

In my ps_configuration table, the id_shop_group and id_shop columns where NULL where the name column was 'PS_PASSWD_RESET_VALIDITY'.

This looked odd to me, so I changed both the id_shop_group and id_shop values to 1 (appropriate for my Prestashop configuration), and instantly the password reset link worked - no more expired links!

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