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SQL - Attribute ID

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Bonjour à tous,


Si quelqu'un pouvait m'aider à ajouter l' attribute_id à la requête ci-dessous ça m'aiderait énormément à sortir des stats de ventes......


Merci d'avance :D


SELECT o.`id_order` AS `id`,
CONCAT(LEFT(c.`firstname`, 1), '. ', c.`lastname`) AS `Customer`,
ca.`name` AS `Carrier`,
cu.`name` AS `Currency`,
o.`payment`, CONCAT(o.`total_paid_real`, ' ', cu.`sign`) AS `Total`,
o.`date_add` AS `Date`,
od.`product_id`, od.`product_name`
FROM `ps_orders` o
`ps_customer` c ON (o.`id_customer` = c.`id_customer`)
LEFT JOIN `ps_carrier` ca ON (o.id_carrier = ca.id_carrier)
LEFT JOIN `ps_currency` cu ON (o.`id_currency` = cu.`id_currency`)
LEFT JOIN `ps_order_detail` od ON (o.`id_order` = od.`id_order`)
WHERE o.`date_add`>'2014-01-01 00:00:00'

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