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Language change - Back end in english then front end in another language (also the products price)

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I've searched for this issue and found solutions but not for what i need. I post here to find that is possible or not.


It is very obvious that for developing purpose it is best that backend to be in english.


The main website i need to be seen in Romanian.


Also, and here is the problem, when adding products or modifying modules they are all default in english.


How can i make that possible. Because if i change in any variations i will have all combinations except that one.


I tried in


Localization -> Romanian (and it is ok for the front end)


I also tried to disable English from the Languages, but then obviously, it goes full to Romanian.


And have also:


Translations -> Front end -> Romanian.


Tell me please if i have the chance to have backend in english and frontend in Romanian plus, when i add products to be in romanian also. Here can be made mistakes, forgetting to change the language and they will not show in main website if in romanian.


Thank you.

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I have it that way.


For the moment it seems to work.


I also did it that way:


1. Localization->Localization set Default language: Romanian, Default country: Romania + Set language from browser

2. Localization->Translations and choose Romanian as default for front office


After doing that, all was messed up.


And then deactivated Romanian from Localization->Languages to have English again on the backend.

After that, repeated only step 1.



I don't really know why now is working. I haven't cleared cache yet...


But last time i tried to add products and categories all were in English.


For the moment it works.


Q1: Auto language change it works only from browser settings. For changing by country IP i suppose it is a different problem and it needs separate programming?


Q2: Also, can i delete front end English language and remain with only 1 language? Don't want to mess it up again.


Thanks for the response.

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Thank you for the answer.

I think the geolocalization it should be the answer. But for now i will work that way with english enabled also to have maintenance easier. Otherwise it will be a mess if it will be in romanian only, i think you understand why.

For the moment the website is for my country only and no need for other languages, but as advice for others who will read this, it is better for backend maintenance and development to have english too. If you'll read translated menus and options in your language and try to find an answer for a problem it will be a big translation mess. Some things aren't made to be translated ;-)


Thanks again

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i've a website wich i use it in persian language

i wana use it as bilingual language and use english for second language

what is the details of setting?

this is mine


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