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How to change the invoice date


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Prestashop 1.7.2 shows the date order and the date invoice on the invoice PDF.


The problem is that these dates are the same...

I need that the date of the invoice to be the same of the day when I generate the PDF, not the day of the order.


This is very important.


Is it possible?


This is the piece of code of invoice.summary-tab.tpl


  <td class="small white">{$title|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</td>
  <td class="small white">{dateFormat date=$order->invoice_date full=0}</td>
  <td class="small white">{$order->getUniqReference()}</td>
  <td class="small white">{dateFormat date=$order->date_add full=0}</td>
  {if $addresses.invoice->vat_number}
   <td class=" small white">


Thank you.

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