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PS 1.6 - BO back office - add indication to order on orders list page


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how can I add some icon (or text) to PDF column in orders list page? I would like to add some icon or something (it does not matter what. just some indication) to PDF column after I click on Return products or Partial refund in order detail.

So when I click on e.g. Partial refund then it should indicate that some refund happened on orders list page in the row of the order...


I don't know which files I should edit or override.





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Interesting question. It's not too complex but definitely hard to explain. It would take an override of the adminOrdersController class. You'd have to go over the products list, see if any has been returned or refunded, and trigger the new column's content.

I might come up with a tut about it next week or so

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