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How to use supplier address in blocksuppliers.tpl


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Hi everyone,


I'm creating shop on presta and have rather strange problem. When viewing a product i need to display in left-side column only suppliers that are connected with currently viewed product's manufacturer (currently it displays every supplier added to shop).


Since I'm not using supplier address field I've decided to enter there the name of manufacturer of products that given supplier supplies. Then blocksuppliers could hypothetically check if this 'address' is equal to current product manufacturer and display only those suppliers that are.


I have problem with accessing supplier address (and actually probably current product manufacturer too but i didnt get there yet) in blocksuppliers.tpl and I'm not fluent with smarty and php to find out how and where to implement it so i can make an 'if' statement before suppliers are displayed.


I've managed to access supplier description without problem and tried to use that field but presta automatically adds paragraphs ('<p>' and '</p>') to it so it cannot be compared straight up with product manufacturer. And I would also prefer to use description to main purposes.


I would appreciate any help and hints on where to go with that. Thanks!

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