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Check and delete duplicated combinations


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because of a module I recently installed it created issues to my catalog. It duplicated combinations of many products. So I have duplicated skus for products with variations (sizes/colors) as you can see from image attached.

The products with duplicated combinations are too much...so cancelling manually one by one it's hard and takes too much time.

There is a SQL command to check duplicated combinations/sku and to delete them?

I hope so..because it is creating many problems to my website :/

Please help me


Best regards


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Making backups before installing new or unknown modules is always good option. However, the problem is here and we can't turn back the time. Cleaning up by SQL is possible but also not very easy.


Most likely you cannot delete with just one single SQL statement. Simply because it is too complex. There are several tables involved and you need to keep one unique combination for every product. I don't see another option than writing a small program which scans through all your products, checks combinations, compares the relevant keys (we don't know them yet) and deletes duplicates. Since there is some risk involved in this, I would test on another test instance before doing it on a live shop.


You can contact me if you wish to clean this up as a paid job. But to give an indication: It cannot be solved within an hour or two.

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