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How to change product price before add to cart with input field


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// I apologize for my english

// I'm using prestashop 1.7.2



I'm trying to add a product to cart with a custom price from an input field.



I'm thinking about 2 solutions :


- I found on a topic a trick with the specific price which allow to change the price just before adding to the cart, BUT i'm facing a problem with this method :


I don't know how to call the php function which do the specific price stuff in my template.

I already tryed a

<button onclick="{MyController::myfunction(param1, param2 ...)}">Add</button>

in product-add-to-cart.tpl but the code is already interpreted when the page is charging (onclick event is useless).


How can i call my function by pressing the add to cart button ?



- Another solution could be to create a duplicate product with a custom price , each time the input price is filled and the add to cart button pressed.


I don't know how to achieve this, the problem is a bit similar to the first solution : how to call the function which create the new product when i press add to cart button ?



I hope my ideas were clear,

Thanks for help  :mellow:


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