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Cover images in multistore setup is broken


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I upgraded to the latest version ( and notice that it is no longer possible to change the cover images on a product when changing it for all shops at once. 


When changing the image for a single shop it works fine (the specific entry in the table shop_image is updated). 

But if no specific shop is selected (i want to have the same cover image for all shops), all entries in shop_image are set to NULL. 

In table 'image' the entry is correctly updated, but this does not seem to be used (in the backend nor on the frontend). 


Can we have a fix for that? 


Note: i'm not sure until which version it did work.





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I took a minute to fix it myself


diff --git a/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php b/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php

index 957d538..51285de 100644

--- a/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php

+++ b/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php

[spam-filter] -1656,14 +1656,33 [spam-filter] class AdminProductsControllerCore extends AdminController

         if ($this->tabAccess['edit'] === '0') {

             return die(Tools::jsonEncode(array('error' => $this->l('You do not have the right permission'))));



+        $res = true;



         $img = new Image((int)Tools::getValue('id_image'));


         $img->cover = 1;





-        if ($img->update()) {


+        $res &= Db::getInstance()->execute('

+                       UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'image`

+                       SET `cover` = 1

+                       WHERE `id_product` = '.(int)Tools::getValue('id_product').' AND id_image = '.(int)Tools::getValue('id_image').';'

+        );

+        $res &= Db::getInstance()->execute('

+                       UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'image_shop` image_shop

+                       SET image_shop.`cover` = 1

+                       WHERE image_shop.id_shop IN ('.implode(',', array_map('intval', Shop::getContextListShopID())).') AND image_shop.`id_product` = '.(int)Tools::getValue('id_product') .' AND id_image = '.(int)Tools::getValue('id_image').';'

+        );


+        $res &= $img->update();


+        if ($res) {


         } else {



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