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adding text to header.tpl when installing a module


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what i need to do is alter header.tpl and add the following to the html tag when i install a module and obviously remove it when the module is uninstalled


I know i can open the file for reading loop through it looking for certain text then replace it with the corrected text, but is their an easier way

the hook in header.tpl is not in the correct place to achieve what i need to do,



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I have it hardcoded at the moment, can a module create a new hook, obviously it can create the db, but i would be in the same situation of writing the hook location to a file, maybe i am trying to do to much with a module, but I am trying to make it totally standalone without having to edit any files manually



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Creating a new hook requires 4 things:

Adding it to the hooks database.
Adding a call to it in the php file.
Adding the variable in the tpl file.
Transplanting it in the backoffice.

Since you only need 2 lines that are static, hard coding would make most sense

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