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[Prestashop] Products Attributes Quantity


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I would like to change all attributes quantity in database to one value (999).


But when I'm trying to change 'ps_product_attribute' -> 'quantity', attribute quantity is not changing.


Any ideas?



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Well, because it is stored in ps_stock_available in 'quantity but there is one problem.


As You know products can have attributes, sometimes it has 1, sometime it has more attributes and sometimes it doesn't have them at all.


Why this is a problem?

Let's have an example:

Product has id_product = 15 and id_product_attribute = 0, id_product_attribute = 259 and id_product_attribute = 230

It means that we have 1 product with 2 attributes/combinations.

If You will update quantity of attribute = 259 to 999 and attribute = 230 to also 999 then attrbiute = 0 should have 1998 in quantity because this table sumarize all of the quantities from all atrributes.
I don't know how to that in MySQL.

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Hi Hakeryk2,


Now I see this table in database and You are right, there is "id_product_attribute = 0" for every product.


If I tried to set quantity for "id_product_attribute = 259" and "id_product_attribute = 230" to 999, value of "id_product_attribute = 0" does not change.


Thank You for explanation.

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