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PS 1.7 unable to change/add/remove attribute values on a single combination


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Hello, me using PS


This seems to me so unbelievable that me cannot believe it being real (maybe me doing something wrong):


1. Create a new product combinations set.

2. Get back and try to edit a single combination of the same product.

3. Cannot add or remove, or simply change any attribute value on a single combination being edited. We do not have this option.


Result: Once created a set of product combinations, we cannot change/add/remove any attribute value on a single combination basis.


Expected Result: As on PrestaShop 1.6, we need to be able to edit attribute values on a single combination.


That is  big issue, each time we need to change a value of a single combination we would need to generate the whole set of combinations!


A poor workaround is deleting the targeted single product variant and set up a new one !


That means spending much more hours to update products.


Taht works great on PS 1.6, just editing and switching any attribute value on a specific combination in a set of combinations. No need to delete the whole combination and create it again.


Am I wrong, am I doing something wrong as using PS 1.7 product variants ?


Any help appreciate.


Thank you





I thought PS 1.7 would reduce products time editing, that was a declareted objective.


In fact it is not, worst than PS 1.6

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