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Discount forklifts shop - your thoughts?


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Besides the fact I don't understand the language:


- Design: good and functional.

- Performance: could be better.

- Image sizes: you have 3 images of each more than 1 mb. Total of start page is appx. 5 mb. We have an internal policy not to exceed 1 mb for the start page.

- Footer. I don't like this hughe size footer. You have this "NettoTruck.dk ejes og drives af Toyota Material Handling Danmark. Alle trucks er testet og godkendt af vores kvalificerede teknikere på egne værksteder, inden de tilbydes på NettoTruck.dk" in the footer which significantly adds to the footers size.


Overall impression: Good. Due to data volume and large images not suitable for mobile devices in our country.

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