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Invoices edit issue


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Hi !


I should edit prestashop invoices. I currently use override, and I see my changes when I go through "Orders->Orders->Generate invoice".

But, when I go through "Orders->Invoices->Generate invoices by date", it's not working correctly :

I have some payment by instalment, and for this I want to write all payment date. This is working for 1 invoice, but when I do it with more, all invoices take information from the last.

For informations :

I override "/controllers/admin/AdminPdfController.php" on "generateInvoicePDFByIdOrderInvoice" function


i send my data to my template with that:

$this->context->smarty->assign('dates_prelevement', $dts);

Someone can help me to found how can I send my datas correctly ?


Thanks in advance.

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This is Prestashop


I said mistake, I use this :

public function processGenerateInvoicesPDF(){
      $order_invoice_collection = OrderInvoice::getByDateInterval(Tools::getValue('date_from'), Tools::getValue('date_to'));

      if (!count($order_invoice_collection)) {
          die(Tools::displayError('No invoice was found.'));

      foreach ($order_invoice_collection as $o) {
        $order = new Order($o->id_order);
        $payment_type = $order->getOrderPayments();
        if($payment_type[0]->payment_method == "Atos Nx") {
          $o->paymentType = "ATOS NX";
        else {
          $o->paymentType = "ATOS";

      Hook::exec('actionPDFInvoiceRender', array('order_invoice_list' => array($order_invoice_collection)));
      $this->generatePDF($order_invoice_collection, PDF::TEMPLATE_INVOICE);

This works, but all invoices take informations from the last. Did you see something bad ?


Thanks for your help.

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