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[MODULE] Attribute Wizard Pro v2.0 for PrestaShop 1.7 - Create unlimited attributes and combinations

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Attribute Wizard Pro v2.0 for PrestaShop 1.7


Our most popular module is now available for PrestaShop 1.7, including an all new custom combination generator, back office interface and clean, optimized code re-written for seamless PrestaShop 1.7 compatibility. And the full lifetime support plus a one-time free installation that you expect from Presto-Changeo is included with every purchase. 


Our most popular and highly rated module adds unmatched power and flexibility to the PrestaShop platform, helping you do things that were not possible before! By default, PrestaShop limits you to around 1000 total combinations. That is not nearly enough for thousands of shops around the world. This is your solution, with many added benefits, including a custom built Combination Generator for products that use this module
Attribute combinations, including combinations with 'Connected Attributes,' can now be structured in several different ways.
Structure 1: The "original" Attribute Wizard Pro Structure allows you to create an unlimited number of attributes per product by changing the way combinations are handled by PrestaShop.
Structure 2: Using PrestaShop's Default Combination Structure + Attribute Wizard Pro, you can continue to use the default PrestaShop combination generator while enjoying many of this module's most popular features such as Disable / Hide Unavailable Combinations, layered attributes images, and the ability to input attributes using textbox, textarea, file upload, radio buttons and more.
Structure 3: Connected Attributes with Attribute Wizard Pro lets you connect certain attributes while managing a large number of total combinations. With connected attributes, the user's attribute selection in one attribute group can impact the options available in another attribute group on the front-end, a feature that can be useful in many situations.
Using any of these combination structures, the module lets you display attributes as Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown, Textbox, Quantity Textbox, Textarea, and file upload.
Use layered attribute images for full customization effect in your front office product images.
By changing the way Prestashop handles attributes, this best-in-class module has allowed shops around the world to offer their customer's a unique experience not possible otherwise.


Learn more on our site, here: http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/prestashop-17-modules/139-prestashop-attribute-wizard-pro-module.html




AWP Features + Default PrestaShop Combination Structure:
Username: demo@presto-changeo.com
Password: demodemo



Additional Information and Features: 


Using the "original" Attribute Wizard Pro (AWP) combination structure which has made this module a best-seller for 6+ years, the module bypasses the PrestaShop Attribute Combination Generator and lets you create an UNLIMITED number of attributes per product! This feature has made this one of the most valuable PrestaShop modules in the world. 
Connected Attributes are now supported in multiple configurations. One approach uses the default PrestaShop combination structure (and default combination generator) alongside this module, and the second approach uses a newly developed combination structure that supports connected attributes and a large number of total attributes. See our demos and screenshots above for more informatiion about these options. 
You can choose to display attributes as Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Down Menus, Textbox, Textarea, File Upload, and Quantity textbox.
Option to set Drop Down menus, Radio Buttons and Image Attributes as Required.
Option to define 'Minimum' and 'Maximum' for Check Box attributes (example: "Select between 2 and 4 of the following options:") to ensure customers select everything needed to fill an order.
Support for attributes in URLs is now available; use URLs to load a page with a pre-selected set of product attributes.
Use layered attribute images to create an interactive and highly visual front office experience, showing your customers what their attributes selections look like in real time. 
Textbox and Textarea attribute types can have a character limit and be mandatory fields (as well as file upload)
You can use an image next to each attribute group and add a description as well (with HTML in the description).
You can use Attribute Color / Texture.
You can have attribute options open in a popup or on the product page.
You can control the order of attribute groups and items, and display multiple options in the same line.
The price impact will be displayed next to each option and will automatically reflect changes.

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Thanks for the plugin, we have bought it. However we have some question, we would like that the "stock" for a combination are linked to other product with the same attribute. How should we do?


For example there is a 2 GB memory (100 stock) for product X

Product Y, have also the 2 GB memory available. We would like that the stock of these two products are linked (it means the same stock)

If someone buy product X with the 2 GB memory, it should decrease the product Y (with the same stock) to 99


Kind regards

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totalcloud: The module does not offer a way to link 2 different products.

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Hi thanks for your reply.

We are using another theme, do we really need override file ? 


and I cannot find the path for : /attributewizardpro/modified_1.7/admin/themes/default/template/controllers/carts/helpers/view/view.tpl

Lines #155


admin/themes/default/ doesnt exist



The rest are ok. 


EDIT: the price are not correct is it because i couldnt edit the view.tpl ?     http://i.imgur.com/m8CpvpT.png

EDIT 2 : NVM Found the view.tpl but still not good price :(

EDIT 3 : I used the 

AWP Combination Generator

But each time i want to save there is a little delay and it said : "unable to update setting"
(I have already cleaned the cache & using the main theme, version of prestashop :
Edited by totalcloud (see edit history)

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totalcloud: Please use the contact form on our site for any technical issues or questions.

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V2.0.1 has just been released.

Fix for add to cart.
Fix for TinyMCE.
Fix for weight impact.

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V2.0.2 released!

Updated Installation Instructions

Updated popup for images

Fix for connected attributes and required fields

Javascript optimization

Fix for add to cart button label

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V2.0.3 released
Fix for combination image display 
Fix for add to cart button text change 
Support for PS 1.7.3

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V2.0.4 released
New option to apply price impact per character (for textbox) 
Fix for combination images 
Fix for add to cart text change 
Added support for URLs without product ID 
Fix for Quick View display

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Hello tomerg3,

Where do I find the upgrade? In the back office of my store, there is no button to upgrade the module... 

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tomerg3  can you tell me please is  their way to set limit for select minimum/maximum checkbox options 


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Was not comlete (see edit history)

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Hello, I've found this module because our prestashop ( doesn't work fine when we combine several attributes to create its combinations.

Before buy it, could you help me with a doubt I have, please? 

I've developed  an PHP page that connects directly to the DDBB, specifically to the ps_order_detail table. and retrieves the "product_name" where prestashop stores the "product_name" - " combination selected by the customer. (as you could see on the attached image). I'm doing that to retrieve the combination selected by the customer in the order.991857602_Capturadepantalla2019-01-30alas11_48_15.thumb.png.5557e8318bf193775506b633e5f8412a.png


Where does the module save the combination selected by the customer. It saves this info the same way prestashop does through its default system?


Thank you in advance


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V2.0.6 Released
Performance speed optimization
Sort Attribute Groups and Values alphabetically on module install
Fixed CSS issue in backend (PS 1.7.5+)
Fix for quickview.
Various small fixes.

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