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[SOLVED] Prestashop, multiple servers


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I need to regenerate COOKIE_IV, COOKIE_KEY since I'm installing the same modified version of prestashop at several different servers. I've found how to generate them and password but I cant login so I guess the problem now is the secure_key (in table ps_employee).

Copied the code from /admin/password.php and it works:


   $employee = new Employee();
   $employee->getByemail('[email protected]');

   $pwd = Tools::passwdGen();
   $employee->passwd = md5(pSQL(_COOKIE_KEY_.$pwd));
   $employee->last_passwd_gen = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', time());
   $result = $employee->update();

   echo $pwd;


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I have a similar problem, I make everything, to create prestashop in multiple servers, but I need that if I, like customer, I login in one shop, then when I go to other shop I still logged in, not need to login again...

Can you give me an Idea?

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