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Hello Guys


I am having a nightmare with google picking up old urls with already activated 301's.  I have EAN UPC module which originally placed its number on the end of every URL and I hadn't realised, that was months ago but google now seams to be picking these up.   


I have just moved my site completely across to https to have accelerated mobile pages.   


What is the normal practice?  I have checked 301's are in place then removed the error url from google console.  


Is there anything else I need to do?  I seem to be jumping through hoops and spending a fortune at google at the moment.


Thanks G

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If can take some time until google has redirected all links. Why that?

Google caches all your results. And from the time you start redirecting, there are still old cached results in the google dataset. Hence it still tries to fetch the old urls or the links in these old pages. If the situation continues over weeks you should look at it again.


If you are sure you have the correct redirects set, you should be fine. And one more hint: in terms of search engines it's more preferable to have only one redirect doing all. So if you change from http to https and at the same time change some other parts of your URL strucutre (languages or other stuff) make sure you have on .htaccess rule which catches all at once.

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