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Authorize.net TransactionID and other info not saved in PrestaShop


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Hello Developers,


Is it possible to save some of the transaction information from Authorize.net, I have a valid Login ID and Key (PROD) and my cart is in PROD mode also (newbie but I think is in PROD, if you can give hints would be appreciated). I placed 2 orders using  the Authorize.Net module and they went thru but no data is saved in the ps_orderpayment table. I know CC information can be chopped I just need the information for referential purposes.


I understand there is a "pcc" object that needs to be checked for Transaction information to be saved and I realized that "pcc" represents a new Payment object but isn't it supposed to be created and instantiated when you go on the ordering process?


May be simple setting in the back end is needed?


All help is greatly appreciated.





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